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Welcome to Sunrise

Sunrise is using a sophisticated algorithm to analyze on-chain data and perform trust scores for NFT projects and their websites. Please see below for details of each trust score.

The site has been verified either by Sunrise or OpenSea.


The site has a positive track record with the community, showcased via daily transactions, ownership records, and / or passing pre-verification checks.


The site is not in our database. Be extra cautious and Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

No Info

The site has little to no track record with the community, as determined via daily transactions and ownership records. Many early-stage projects fall into this category. Be extra cautious and Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

Caution Advised

The site has been tied to an active scam threat via Sunrise and / or our security partners. 


This site appears to be using domain spoofing to confuse visitors. It may look close to or identical to the official site. Do not connect your wallet.


Want to avoid NFT scams?

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