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The multi-layer NFT scam protection tool

Looking to protect your community?

How It Works: 1st Layer Protection

Want to avoid NFT & Crypto scams?

Sunrise is free!

Once you visit a Web3 site, we will inform you with a trust label: verified, trusted, caution-advised, or scam. We coalesce information from three major sources: the OpenSea API, CryptoScamDB (MetaMask), and our own database to build a configuration file that maps Web3 sites to trust scores. Our in-house algorithm analyzes on-chain data for each NFT project in real-time, verifying 16,000+ NFT projects.

Example of Verified

Example of Scam

Example of Caution Advised

Once you decide to connect your wallet and trigger a transaction, we will check and simulate your transaction before signing. After the safety checks, you can decide whether you want to continue the transaction on your wallet or if you want to cancel it. This will especially help you avoid ongoing wallet drainers. For this, we have partnered with Pocket Universe.

How It Works: 2nd Layer Protection

Example of Transaction

Example of Wallet Drainer

Example of Token Swaps

We're partnering with NFT communities & Web3 businesses to verify the official sites and help more people avoid scams. 

Or, contact us on Twitter or Discord

1st Layer Protection: Check URLs with the OpenSea API & CryptoScamDB to block known NFT scam sites

2nd Layer Protection: Simulate your wallet transactions to protect you from scams before signing

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